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1st - 31st july

Discount on select products; prices inclusive of next day delivery within Kigali by Get It Rwanda

We take orders via Whatsapp from Mon to Sat, 0700 – 1900hrs

Payment accepted via Mobile Money, Bank transfers and World Remit

Kigalifaam is now offering a variety of #madeinrwanda and #madeinafrica vendor products and packages digitally Get our vendor price list which has a growing selection of farm and artisanal products weekly.

Kigali farmers´ and artisans´ market

SuppoRt local home industries and MSMEs

Keep a business running through purchase of our quality vendor products and packages. #buyafricanbyafricans, #baba

keep money circulating in the community longer

Every coin spent on a local business goes directly into the community and to the people who work the most

be the change agent in your community

When you buy from our market, you increase self-sustainability and growth in the community

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